[Blogging tutorials]How to upload Music on blogger

These are some tips and ways an going to show you,on how to upload music ok blogspot blogging made easy for those who has the experience and those who are applicable to learn it.
With some few steps am going to show you the two best way to upload music on blogger.
These are the steps:-
1.Go to your browser(Chrome)
2.you now search this site on your browser www.wapkiz.com
3.Then go through the site and you will now see the register icon and then you click the register and fill the form for registration.
4.After registration the site will now load and you scroll under you will see something like "panel mode" then click on the panel mode
5.when the panel mode page loads you will see something like "File manager FM" then click on it and you will now see "create folder" After creating folder you will see upload file then you now upload the music/video you want to upload..
6.After uploading you click the file you uploaded and scroll down you will see two links under one is 24 hours expire the second one is never expire then the best link for you to copy is never expire then after copying the link you now go back to your blogger dashboard and click new post..
7.Then you now add the post title the image and the writeup after everything you now place your cusor in the direction you want the download link to be.
8.the you go up beside the post title you will see something like "Link" then click on that Link icon and you see "text to display" and the "web Address" replace text to display with the text you want to apply example (DOWNLOAD MP3/DOWNLOAD MP4) then replace the web address with the link you copied and click "ok"
9.now you post is ready for people to download .
10.the last step remaining is for you to click on publish and the post is now ready for download....

Many  people has been searching for ways to upload music or video on blogger but try this step and give me your result.

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